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About us

Divertimento is over 25 years old!

We have vast experience of booking concerts and entertainment for weddings and events. Classical music is our specialism and we also book jazz,  folk and pop music.  We are here to listen to your requirements and find the right performers for your special day, be it a wedding, birthday party or concert.

Vicky Evans - Divertimento

Vicky Evans

Vicky Evans is the founder and Director of Divertimento. As a classical musician herself, she plays the cello in Divertimento Piano Trio, String Quartet, and Ensemble. She is the cellist of the Rosewood String Quartet, and plays in the Ten Tors Orchestra along with other freelance playing.

Michael Allnatt

Michael Allnatt

Michael has worked at Divertimento for many years now, with a particular interest in the booking of orchestras. Michael is well known locally as a double bass player, with Ten Tors Orchestra, Divertimento Ensemble, and many other orchestras. He teaches double bass and doubles as an expert gardener!


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