Divertimento Calendar 2020

Booking for these concerts is via email (enquiries@divertimento.uk.com) IN ADVANCE as due to the Covid restrictions there will be no tickets on the door.  No actual tickets will be required, just an email to reserve your seats, which are all £15.  There are a very limited number of seats we can use in each venue.

Please will you let me know by email (enquiries@divertimento.uk.com) how many seats you require and for which date and venue.
For example:
1. Plymouth
2. Oct 10th. 7.30pm
3. 2 seats  ( how many in the same bubble )
4. Jo Bloggs. Karen Bloggs
5. Phone numbers.

I will reply to let you know if tickets are still available, and give you the bank details to make the payment, as you can’t pay at the door.

As we can only play to very small audiences, which will not fund much more than expenses, it would be much appreciated if anyone feels that they would like to pay a bit more for their tickets, or to give a donation for the musicians.


A few more tickets remain for our last concert in the series, playing Haydn and Brahms.

Kingsbridge – Sunday October 25th, 3pm at Kingsbridge Methodist Church



01803 863677

Email: enquiries@divertimento.uk.com

Please make sure that you are on the Divertimento emailing list so that we can send you details of all our concerts.